DOCS Foundation Nepal has been running for the last 21 years, with the support of our generous friends from different countries. Since we have a minimal source of income at present, it isn't easy to maintain the daily needs of the children.

1. House rent,
2. Veg/Non-veg 3times meals for 35 Children + residential staffs
3. School /College Uniform
4. School/college fees,
5. Textbooks / Stationary items,
6. Lunch at school
7. Salary for Staffs and caregivers
8. Casual clothing,
9. Health checkups and medications
10. Repair and Maintenance
11. Games and Recreation activities

Our Banking details:
Everest Bank Ltd.
Patan Branch, Harihar-Bhavan Road,
Pulchowk, Lalitpur. Nepal
Account Name: DOCS Foundation Nepal
Account No: 01200105200210
Swift code: EVBLNPKA

If you want to contribute something to our Children on your birthday, anniversary or any family events please kindly remember us.