• Name: Jekendra Budha Magar
  • Birthday: 2004-06-17
  • Father: Lachin Budha Magar
  • Mother: Laxmi Budha Magar
  • Gender: Male
  • Sponsor Required: No


Jekendra is currently Studying in grade 6 at Shahid Dharma Bhakta High School. Recently held examination result shows he has excellent academic remarks. The comments of his teachers about his discipline and extra activities were very good.  He is friendly with his teachers and friends .He does his homework’s on time he is well disciplined boy.


Jekendra is a very active boy. He loves to dance. Especially he likes the break dance. He has a keen interest in playing football as well. He is interested in watching animation like Naruto,One Peace,etc in his leisure time. He is a sporty boy who likes to take part in every sport activities organized in the school. He is fond of playing judo and has won several tournaments and medals in different competitions held in national level.


Jekendra has a sound health till the date.  He doesn’t have any severe disease. He stays clean all the time. He has a sound mental and physical growth. A recent medical checkup held has proven he is free from any kind of disease.