• Name: Dikshya Nepal
  • Birthday: 2004-09-06
  • Father: Deepak Nepal (Disappeared)
  • Mother: Laxmi Nepal
  • Gender: Female
  • Sponsor Required: Yes


Dikshya  is currently studying in grade 8 at Shahid Dharma Bhakta English Boarding School. She likes going to school and learning new things .She is very good student and the subjects she likes are Math and science she feels Nepali a bit difficult. According to her recent academic report it proves she is an average student. She was able to score good marks in the recent examination held by the school. Her discipline is also very good. She is very punctual and well behaved girl according to her teachers.


Dikshya likes to play with her friends during her school holidays. She likes to study story books and she is also interested in watching television. She aims to become a nurse in days to come and help others.


Dikshya is very healthy and active girl. Her physical and mental development is good according to her present age. She likes to become clean and motivates others to be like her. She gets rarely

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