• Name: Mahesh Khanal
  • Birthday: 2003-08-16
  • Father: Shiva Prasad Khanal
  • Mother: Bhavwoti Khanal
  • Gender: Male
  • Sponsor Required: No


Mahesh is currently Studying in grade 8 at Shahid Dharma Bhakta High School. His academic performance is  good.  According to his teachers he bears good character and discipline.  He is a well hard worker child and mostly he spend his time in new creative things which makes his happy and good.


Mahesh likes to watch television. He also likes to play with his friends during his school holidays. He is interested in arts as well. He is interested in singing and dancing. He is well talented of doing  caricature of different celebrities.


Mahesh likes to stay neat and clean every time so he gets rarely sick. He is mentally and physically growing a lot. He was caught by fever about a year ago but recent medical checkup has proven him free from disease.